Jim Boeheim siding with Rick Pitino because of course

Tickle zero people shocked and call no one Nancy. Syracuse Orange head coach is out in the world claiming Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich got a raw deal. In other news, Grumpy Uncle Jim is up to his usual antics on speaking about things he likely fails in having all the information on.

“I have the utmost respect for him,” Boeheim said of Pitino at ACC media day.

For those who live under a rock, Pitino was fired in the wake of the FBI closing in on his program at Louisville. Despite Pitino doing his usual “few bad eggs” song and dance, pretending (yet again) he has no idea what happens with his own staff, it wasn’t enough to spare him from the wrath of an athletic department that could no longer look the other way.

Jurich, Louisville’s athletic director during the Pitino era, was also shown the door.

“It’s a very difficult situation,” Boeheim said. “He’s a guy who lives to coach. We all like to coach, he lives to coach. It will be very difficult for him not coaching . . . if they said we are not going to pay you to coach this year, he would be coaching those kids.”

Oh, poor Rick Pitino.

Listen, even if we all pretend that somehow — through magic, I suppose — that Pitino had no idea what was happening, Louisville would have every right to fire him for the coach’s billionth time failing to monitoring his own program.

Pitino wasn’t just fired for the FBI probe. There was the hooker/escort scandal, as well as the most famous 15 seconds in the history of chain-restaurants, that played a part in this.

Nevertheless, either Pitino is a cheating coach who used devious tactics, which included lying and playing the 9/11 card, to get out of trouble, or he isn’t equipped to lead a basketball program in 2017 because all the bad things happening under his watch that went unchecked and unnoticed.

“We all know their tolerance was up and this was it,” Boeheim said. “They didn’t think about it. There was no thought process with this. I’m a little disappointed in some of the things that have come out of there.

“. . . What has (Pitino) done at Louisville, what has Tom Jurich done at Louisville? Now all of a sudden they’re like bad guys? To me that is sickening. It makes me sick to read the comments that have come out of there. Do you know where Louisville would be without Tom Jurich? They would be playing their games at Freedom Hall. They would be playing football wherever the hell they were playing. And now he’s a bad guy?”

Alas, Boeheim is once again showing his true colors. A guy who is certainly an excellent college basketball coach, who also has a propensity to discuss topics he lacks information on.

We could point to a recent example, such as his thoughts on paying athletes with this uneducated take:

“That has nothing to do with whether they should be compensated,” Boeheim said of the shoe scandal. “If they were compensated that could still happen.”

But if we want to hit home the hardest, let’s take a gander at this take by him. One without nuance or any proper tone, in which he tried to discredit victims, as it was found out one of his assistants was a sexual predator:

“The Penn State thing came out, and the kid behind this is trying to get money,” Boeheim said of accuser Bobby Davis in an interview. “If he gets this, he’s going to sue the university and Bernie. What do you think is going to happen at Penn State? You know how much money is going to be involved in civil suits? I’d say about $50 million. That’s what this is about. Money.”

Grumpy Uncle Jim painting the universities as victims, eh? Something we touched on yesterday as a lazy trope people in power within the NCAA structure use to protect theirs.

For what it is worth, and it is NOT much, Boeheim would later apologize for those comments, but only after he realized — or someone realized for him — shaming victims of sexual abuse, even if only in the alleged-abuse stage, isn’t the right thing to do.

Point being? Jim Boeheim has a monumental platform that provides him a chance to create conversations. Unfortunately for the sport of college basketball, he has rarely used that platform well or for anything other than making sure his viewpoints get bushes as factual beliefs.

Then again, at least he’s nice enough to make sure other people of his ilk, those who have long profited off the back of unpaid labor, all get to keep theirs by way of his words, too.

Don’t Get Upset Over Preseason Polls

The AP released its preseason poll on Wednesday and people are losing their marbles over it.

Yes, of course, there are a ton of awful placements and assessments of teams, but why get bothered over something that has zero direct consequence to the season? This would be like getting mad at your cat for how awful Burger King was earlier in the day (exception being, if your cat works at BK).

Unlike college football, where preseason polls carry too much weight, college basketball polls surfacing in November mean absolutely nothing. Voters, even the not so bright ones, will adjust as the season progresses. Maybe the person who somehow believed Dayton to be a Top-25 team this year does truly believe that today, yet will come around after seeing how not-good they actually are when games tip.

There’s enough games in the sport that allow a proper sample-size to be made by Selection Sunday — you know, the only day when any of these things matter.

Polls are, even in the first month of the season, just something to be used as a general gauge for the casual fan to figure out who is projected to be good.

Otherwise, let’s be honest, we’re all just being mad so we have something to talk about.

Other Musings (Battlestar Galactica, I miss you)

No one will ever confuse me as someone who is a huge fan of Star Trek or Star Wars. While I like both, and do appreciate their franchises, I was never one to sit up all night to wait in line to go see some three hour film about whatever the hell either has been about for the past few decades.

I am, however, a rather giant Battlestar Galactica nerd. After all, who isn’t?

Recently, the SyFy channel promised a marathon of the full series, as well as an on-demand section so we can all relive the glories of that television show. As awesome, it was a chance for a dope like me to introduce my wife to the franchise.

Imagine my surprise when I went to watch some of the shows, only to find out that — at least from the TV on-demand version — SyFy had removed the show.

Basically, th SyFy channel broke its promise of running the only good show it has only produced. #Sad!

Hopefully this is/was just some random glitch and things get figured out. I would really like to consume this show all over again.

And yes, it is not lost on me how small of a #firstworldproblem this is, but unless you want me talking politics each day, deal with it.

Anyway, SyFy channel, what in the frak is going on?

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