Unpaid Laborers Podcast Episode 2: Bobby Reagan from Barstool Sports

On episode two of the Unpaid Laborers Podcast, we talk to Barstool Sports college basketball writer Bobby Reagan.

In show form, this edition of the podcast begins with a few random questions in an effort for people to get to know Bobby’s deepest and darkest secrets … or something. Likely something, but no need to worry about those semantics.

The big reveal? Among other things, Reags is a big fan of Kevin James.

Following the tomfoolery, Bobby does his best to explain what Jim Boeheim was talking about when defending Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich.

After that, Bobby helps Joseph discuss what in the hell is happening with the FBI probe and how reaching it could be in the realm of unpaid laborers trotting about the hardwood for our entertainment.

St. John’s and DePaul should be consistently better. Why aren’t either?

To close the show off, Bobby plays word association. Predictably, it goes off the rails. By the end, both Bobby and Joseph will likely never work for a certain “entrepreneur” at any point in the future. #Pumpkins.

You can follow Bobby Reagan on Twitter @BarstoolReags. Also follow the Fundamentally Sound Podcast.

If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter @JosephNardone. Also feel free to buy some of the (still in progress) Unpaid Laborer merchandise. Both still need tinkering.

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