Unpaid Laborers Podcast Episode 3: Blake Lovell guests

The Unpaid Laborers Podcast with its third episode. On this edition of the podcast, famed college basketball podcaster and writer Blake Lovell joins Joseph to discuss some shennigans.

Per show rule, we get to know Blake by way of some random questions. In the process, we find out how old both of the guys are, and that Blake is a huge Metal Gear fan.

After that, it is on to some actual college basketball talk.

With Auburn placing two players on an indefinate leave in the wake of the FBI’s investigation, Blake weighs in on what he thinks it means for the Tigers this season.

Also touched upon is how fans are reaction to it and if Auburn should just go with the guys they have, including the two aforementioned players, in an attempt to finally make it back to the NCAA Tournament.

Blake and Joseph discuss how misinformation, via people pretending they know what the FBI is up to, is #bad.

Bill Self is out here saying he wants coaches who are dirty to turn themselves in. For who? For what? The guys discuss.

The show ends by going off the rails, by numerous pro wrestling, Saved By The Bell, and boiling hot dog conversations in the Worst Association portion of the podcast.

You can follow Blake Lovell on the mean streets of Twitter @TheBlakeLovell. Also, catch his writing at SouthEastHoops.com and his Marching To Madness podcast.

If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter @JosephNardone. Also feel free to buy some of the (still in progress) Unpaid Laborer merchandise. Both still need tinkering.

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