Unpaid Laborers Podcast Episode 4: Chris Stone of Sporting News

It is the fourth episode of the Unpaid Laborers Podcast. Today, Joseph is joined by Chris Stone of Sporting News and FanSided fame.

After listeners get to know Chris by way of some awful questions, it is off to learn about some shooty hoops.

The Ron Bell-Josh Pastner news broke on Tuesday. Joseph and Chris discuss everything that coincides with that debacle.

Three UCLA players were arrested in China. What the hell?

Would Chris and Joseph sit players, as Tennessee and Alabama are doing, as a preemptive strike against potential FBI information? Nah. Listen to what they would do instead.

Word association was especially strange this week, as we learn Chris doesn’t like a lot of TV shows or movies, but the one (JUST ONE) he does, is awful.

Follow Chris on Twitter @cstonehoops.

If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter @JosephNardone. Also feel free to buy some of the (still in progress) Unpaid Laborer merchandise. Both still need tinkering.


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