Unpaid Laborers Podcast Episode 5: @Treyzingis from The Knicks Wall

Hello to a concept show, friends.

On this edition of the Unpaid Laborers Podcast, Joseph is joined by Trey (last name … kind of redacted) from The Knicks Wall.

Trey is an NBA savant, but has steered away from college basketball over the years. The point of this podcast is to find out why a former fan of college hoops left and if there is any possible way to bring him back.

Somehow, through magic and brute force, the guys also ended up talking about the entire Ball family and how those who hate the father, should not use him to justify unjustly trashing his kids.

We also find out some fun information about Trey in the process, including his running beef on Twitter with 20 (really like 11) people who want to fistfight him.

This is probably the best edition of the Unpaid Laborers Podcast to date.

You could and should follow Trey on Twitter @treyzingis. You should and could also follow his friends and family over @TheKnicksWall.

If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter @JosephNardone. Also feel free to buy some of the (still in progress) Unpaid Laborer merchandise. Both still need tinkering.

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