Unpaid Laborers Podcast Episode 7: Kyle Kensing of The Open Man

Holy politics in a basketball podcast, Batman!

Wait. Don’t leave just yet. It isn’t nearly as evil as you think it is. 45 forced us to insert some political conversation into our shooty hoops.

On this episode of the podcast, Kyle Kensing joins us to talk about a variety of topics. Kyle, for those unaware, is the main-mother-lover in charge of The Open Man, has been in the industry for roughly 13 years, and is a HUGE fan of The Room.

Anyway, after we get to know Kyle a bit with the Random Questions segment, it is off to talk about UCLA indefinitely suspending the three players who were busted in China for stealing.

Was the punishment enough? What should the punishment be? For who? For what?

Since Donald Trump took to Twitter to ask if the UCLA players would thank him, we were forced to discuss it. It isn’t nearly as political as you would think. It is also probably the second best part of the show.

The best? Fan favorite segment, Word Association (yes, it goes off the rails, per law).

You could and should follow Kyle on Twitter @Kensing45. Also, visit his wonderful independently owned and operated site The Open Man. 

If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter @JosephNardone. Also feel free to buy some of the (still in progress) Unpaid Laborer merchandise. Both still need tinkering.

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